Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Best Wishes for 2011

As we get back to work and the start of a challenging year, SCNF is planning to run events which enable new initiatives and help you deliver services more effectively and efficiently.

Our first event is on 19th Jan in Westminster, when we will be presenting a number of case studies on reward, incentive and loyalty schemes. There are some excellent examples of health, environment and community challenges being tackled with smart cards and reward/incentive schemes. We look forward to hearing views from members at this meeting.

At the end of January, we have an excellent offer for member to attend Transport Ticketing 2011 and expect an ongoing dialogue about the more effective use of smartcards and future direction of ITSO and payment cards in transport.

We welcome your input on topics for future meetings - recent ideas include scheme business case, schools, resident card schemes and payment methods.

Best wishes for 2011

Kevin Farquharson
Co-Chair SCNF

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