Tuesday, 30 November 2010

£4B funding for health initiatives

Andrew Lansley has announced £4B funding ring fenced to improve the nation's health working through Local Authorities and new health body.

Our health is one of the key themes of the next SCNF event where we will be show-casing a range of scheme which reward and incentive behaviour change. The event will feature the Barking & Dagenham scheme which tackles childhood obesity and teenage sexual health. We have also invited representatives from NHS and will have the first report on the Southampton initiative sponsored by DWP to encourage older citizens to become more active.

Places are limited for this event which is free for SCNF member to attend. For more information, go to www.scnf.org.uk or email events@scnf.org.uk.

Kevin Farquharson
Co-Chair SCNF

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