Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Rewards, Incentives and Loyalty - 19th Jan Westminster

We are holding our next members' event on 19th Jan, because we believe it is TIME to discuss how rewards, incentives and loyalty schemes can encourage residents to participate in and support their local community while helping local authorities to deliver more with limited resources.

Recent Government announcements and discussions have highlighted the need to offer and manage incentives:

The White Paper, Healthy Lives, Healthy People includes an expectation: Guide choice through incentives. A ‘points mean prizes’ approach, for example the more a child walks to school, they earn points for healthy prizes like an activity day.

The Cabinet Office Behaviour Insight Team which is taking forward the Coalition Government’s objective to be a much smarter one, shunning the bureaucratic levers of the past and finding intelligent ways to encourage, support and enable people to make better choices for themselves. Clearly reward and incentive schemes can play a major part in enabling these outcomes by tracking and recognising contributions in the community. See

There are a few places left for SCNF members to join the dialogue and learn from the case studies we have brought together.

We look forward to seeing you next week.

Kevin Farquharson
Co-Chair SCNF

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