Sunday, 20 June 2010

Once again SCNF secured free places for our members at Pre-Paid 2010. This 2 day conference covers all the bases on payment and SCNF has helped shape the public sector stream which was much improved this year. This event is now an essential fixture for anyone considering or implementing mobile, internet or contactless payment in the public sector. The highlights were numerous and included:

- SCNF requirement for pre-paid round table – see notes to be posted on website
- Bracknell Forest – still extending and enhancing its scheme after 8 years
- Croydon explaining how pre-payment for school meals has saved £750k already
- Westminster accepting card and telephone payment to save over £7m pa in costs
- Round table – steps to overcome the barriers and implement pre-paid in public sector

- Mastercard being used for payment on Liverpool buses
- sQuid service underpinning cashless catering and now ITSO travel pre-payment
- Update on Kent County scheme for making payments in personalised care
- Rollout of contactless Visa payment and Visa programmes (white label & close loop)
- LASSeO identifying the barriers to progress
- Mick Davies appealing for a payment service provider to step forward
- TfL news on acceptance of EMV by 2012 and first screening of new video
- Steve Beecroft exploring smart in football clubs which revealed there is a business case
- Industry experts discussing the future of mobile, NFC and internet payment models
- Pending e-money regulatory changes – may impact school meals and transport

This is the only UK (and possibly European) event where you learn about the latest case studies and can hear directly from Visa, Mastercard, E-Money Association, card issuers, banks, TfL, alternative payment solutions, consultants, lawyers and HM Treasury.

I hope we can contribute some success stories to an even more successful event next June. Look out for SCNF offer to members next year. If you want sight ofg outputs from this year's event, go to SCNF site or email

Kevin Farquharson
Co-Chair SCNF

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