Tuesday, 4 May 2010

SCNF Bulletin - Mifare Classic UID

The following bulletin has been sent to SCNF members:

We need to draw urgently to your attention an emerging problem affecting issuers and acceptors of Mifare Classic 1K and 4K smart cards (and emulations of the same).

NXP who licenses a number of card manufacturers and new smart media providers has stated that the available number of Unique IDs for cards will run out by mid 2011. The Unique ID is written to the card chip at time of manufacture. Various options have been identified to ensure continuity of supply, however SCNF members are advised to consider the implications with their suppliers and service providers and determine how best to mitigate the impact in their schemes.

The problem is likely to affect card issuing systems, control methods (eg hotlisting) and smart card applications which are reliant on reading the Unique ID. The problem is very likely to affect some widely adopted applications such as access control and cashless catering which are generally over-reliant on this manufacturer generated ID. Many applications will not be affected at all, however regression testing is a sound pre-caution.

The Core Group of the SCNF is discussing the implications and will work with LASSeO to help disseminate information to members, provide general guidance and possibly make recommendations. Members should check the SCNF website and look out for further updates. We would also like your help to encourage more organisations to join the forum in order to keep advised and share experience.

Kevin Farquharson & Steve Beecroft
Co-Chairs SCNF
e: chair@scnf.org.uk
w: www.scnf.org.uk

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