Wednesday, 24 June 2009

LASSeO Desfire Specification

Local Authorities issuing smartcards for transport (eg concessionary fares) are seeking guidance on which type of card to use and how to encode for multiple applications when they can no longer issue Mifare cards (ie after 31st Dec 2009).

Several SCNF Members and Sponsors support the Local Authority Smartcard Standards e-Organisation which is responsible for and maintains the specifications for encoding Local Authority smartcards. The current Mifare 4K specification is published on the SCNF website and has been adopted by the majority of concessionary fares schemes in England and many of the multi-application resident cards.

As concessionary schemes stop issuing Mifare cards, as required by ITSO, LASSeO is preparing an equivalent specification for the alternative Desfire card type. The specification is being prepared by SmartCitizen and sponsored by Bracknell Forest Council. This specification is undergoing final review before being published for use by Local Authorities and their suppliers.

The SCNF Core Group has set up a working group to plan how to disseminate guidance to Local Authority members and other smartcard issuers. The new LASSeO Desfire specification will be published on our website and a meeting is being planned for September to discuss the implications and opportunities for Local Authority schemes.

To receive updates on this initiative, please ensure you are registered as a SCNF member.

Kevin Farquharson
Co-Chair SCNF

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